The Artist

What I paint is always about revealing the landscape of the mind and the heart. It’s about unknown possibilities and what keeps everything in a perpetual state of becoming and the realization that we are all, always, liminal.

Although I have a vision of each image I will create before I start, I never know how I will get it onto the canvas. I stay constant and present, work faithfully, and watch it appear. I make a field of color, often relying on instinct alone, and then apply dots of color with care –  drop by drop. I rarely use tools because they take away from the organic process.

I create each piece in the way I experience being alive.  As the painting takes shape, the images are layered atop each other, the way a life unfolds over time. There’s the chance meeting, the kiss, the lie – all the events that form the foundation for our lived lives.  When a piece is done, it makes a clear sound.

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Idakatherine Graver

Born Jefferson County, Texas
Currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona

Museum Shows

2005 – 2006 Love and Death, Museum of the West Valley, Glendale, Arizona
2004 Cargill/Graver, Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas

One-Person Exhibitions

2017 Show And Tell Party, Adapt Gallery, Phoenix
2011 City, IDK Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2011 Big Picture, IDK Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2009 Journey II, Galleria Azul, Oaxaca, Mexico
2009 Journey, Ana Julia Aguado Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
2008 Party, 4412 N. Central, Phoenix, Arizona
2007 Idakatherine Graver, Beautiful Crap Gallery, Pomona, California
2002 Idakatherine Graver, Theatrikos, Flagstaff, Arizona
2001 CMC Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1993 Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, Texas


2011 Enter God’s Body, IDK Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2010 Communidad, created at Lux, Phoenix, and permanently installed at Arizona Head Start, Mesa, Arizona
2009 Biology, University of Arizona Medical School, Phoenix, Arizona
2006 – 2007 The Unseen City, Congregational United Church of Christ, Scottsdale, Arizona

Other Projects

2013 IDK illustrated biography (in production)
2012 City – Video of Installation
2011 Love (illustrated manuscript)

Group Exhibitions

2011 4 Artists, 3 Generations, IDK Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2008 @central Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona
2003 St. John’s College Alumni Art Show, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2002 The Bastille Show, Paris, France
1999 Repartee Gallery, Provo, Utah
1994 Bergen Museum, Paramus, New Jersey
1993 Stetter Gallery (IFTA) at Biltmore Fashion Park, Phoenix, Arizona
1990 Cargill/Graver, Dishman Art Gallery, Beaumont, Texas
1990 Santa Fe East Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1986 St John’s College Alumni Art Show, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1980 Dragon Art, Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Reviews and Publications

2017 Idakatherine Graver Re-emerges With “One Lived Life,” Images Arizona Magazine
2004 Catalog, Cargill/Graver, Art Museum of Southeast Texas
2004 Brent Snyder, Family Forte Beaumont Enterprise, December 10, 2004